Revived Soul

Revived Soul

“What does this remind you of?”enquired the damsel;

“Nothing” retorted her soul!

She was happy to receive that answer, cause it indicated a certain freshness, leaving behind the memories that pained, her soul now had made way for her to fly again!

This constant chat between the soul and the brain, led her to new horizons;

Horizons that cheered her, that connected to the right plug.

She found her soulmate, not another human soul, instead it was the ‘Living feeling’ she agreed to be into, for nothing could compare to the happiness that flooded her on the thought of being a ‘living being’ in the true sense!

‘Natur’s altruism’

‘Natur’s altruism’

Nature, every time I look around, it’s a different shade; be it a different place or the same!

What solitude mountains bring differ from the pacific that the sea greets one with!      Those Himalayan sheep’s guided around by their shepherd and the fishermen catching fishes to sell them off to make the delicacies of another, all astonishing and different, explaining the way nature chose to function.

And then every time you look up towards the sky, new colors splash up and runs flawlessly, as if it was another piece of art waiting its right time of exposure!

The heavy rains in the south or the snow covered areas towards the north; the sound of one refreshes, while the smoothness of the other gives goosebumps!

The simple trees on a roadside that grow just without any supervision, or maybe without any ‘human’ supervision, narrates the tale of how magnificently and beautifully nature takes care of it all.

I wonder when would I see the Maker; how extravagant would that experience be; For an artist can be judged by his piece of art, and Nature surely stands second to none!

To explore this gift, to observe the inestimable and to be a witness to these complexions, when it seems all very unreal; honestly feels awesome!

A village scene in Punjab without any magnificent hills or water sources is still as picture perfect as those snow covered mountain ranges of Dalhousie. The sea side view of a sunset and the view of the setting sun from my balcony at the sixth floor, have the same charisma, differentiated just by the setting. These complexions, present themselves in the most vulnerable manner and it’s our choice to love and embrace it or destroy it by the knife of your comforts that cost their love towards us!

Love for nature has been an eternal thing for me, the flowers, whether in a well maintained garden or as wild as besides a random footpath on a dirty road, all possesses an eternal glory that rise as it buds into its royal robe pre-destined by the Maker Himself!

The trees, whose fundamentals remain same, yet differentiated by their shapes and textures, are all enchanting, when that wind blows its leaves to dance to the beats, that they find amusing! And that dried up piece without any leaves or flowers to blossom and make it look pretty, well, portrays the best philosophies and stands exceptionally, teaching out that ‘everything’ has its own share of perfection.

What else this could be but just the different sides of the same coin, one canvas and many colors!

Those beautiful rain drops that reminds you for the paths you’ve walked and the clouds that cover the sky, of your potential being limited, just like the clouds need to pass for the light to retouch our lives, and so your worth is only realized when the clouds of disbelief are swept away by that powerful awesome smelling winds that carry’s in its wrap optimism and a feeling that energizes to levels immeasurable!

That bird sitting on the edge, as you wait for the metro, staring away as if it had a thought that s/he wanted you to hear too…just when the sunlight shines bright lighting your face and you think of taking a selfie and caption it ‘Sun-kissed’, the wind blows, messes your hair and makes the picture exceptional!

Each day brings with itself a new view; every new morning just before the hectic schedules turn up, those birds singing on the trees next to my window and that squirrel running up and down in my balcony, ignites my soul within.

Everywhere I turn, it just seems picture perfect. The hill-side, the sea-side, or just another road-side, all make up new dimensions of nature come to life, and sometimes it feels so strange as if they could just read your mental state and blend into what would be benefitting for your encouragement or maybe to just lend a smile across your face!

These little things that we might never pay attention to are all those priceless moments that I love to treasure, and believe me once you analyze and take heed of it one can find ‘n’ number of treats nature gives and endless teachings it throws towards us…it’s just not always about a beautiful landscape…like they said, beauty is indeed in the eyes of the beholder and so look around and explore what a treasure these ‘complexions of nature’ hold on for you.

Nature has attracted me to levels that stand unmatched by any other, just as perfect and flawless as one would wish to be; left to me I would never be lonely or bored in and of their company!

P.s : That heading of mine, isn’t some error; ‘Natur’ is how the Germans call it!


New Year

New Year

Well this is as random as it can be!

A test awaits tomorrow, yet I had this in my mind!

A New Year, yet the old me;

A New Dream, yet an old dreamer;

A New Opportunity, yet the old seeker;

Still but a new ‘broken’ promise,

I’ll try to alter myself, yet I’m the old me!

No explanations, no expectations;

Just a new belief!

Wishing all you my dear readers, A Very Happy & Blessed New Year!

Regards & Love


I Wish…

I Wish…

I wish to have captured the Moon tonight;
Luminous from every corner of the sky;
Smiling through the clouds, on its throne, lighting up the darkness around;
Winks as I make a move on a lonely street, in this sudden beginning of a new feel!
The chills pass me through, I try to keep warm though;
The waves whisper as they cross, its time to have your sweatshirts on!
I look back without further ado, towards the throne, the stars that surround, faintly visible, I leave my requests to make me a part of themselves and instantly a cloud smeared them all;
And ‘maybe’ I gained the wisdom that I sought!
Continuing my walk across these lonely streets, ignited by the moon tonight;
Does it wish to teach me a lesson again, I could only ‘fake’ a smile, nothing else!
But I wish to have captured the moon tonight, to have possessed the skills and the excellence at power;
Yet it smiled and winked again, “Those Craters ain’t just marks dear…”
I gaze up again, and I know I wouldn’t be portraying the best;
The road’s end and makes it crowded again;
But why do I miss that crater head back there, the chills, the winks and those whispers too loud instead!!
I wish to have captured it all and made them mine by the flash of the lens and registered it for life!
Could it be better to realize or continue to live in the dream and never open my eyes, never open my eyes…!!



These winds that hit my face,

Bring me the smell of the mountains;

Do they call me to themselves narrating stories of their deep love and affection?

Oh! That sounds so pretty!!

They whisper to me,

“Why have you been looking around for care, when we’ve been here,

impatiently awaiting for your acceptance to our love immense!

So dear, will you not allow us to yours forever?”

That blush on my face, to sense this love so intense,

That blood in my veins, rejuvenates at the smell of my lovers deep written tales;

Why shall I sit back and just dream to embrace,

Let me borrow thy wings, oh birds of the air!

Let me just be free for a day,

So shall I embrace and preserve myself in the arms of the one, that loved me so much!

Then shall I be able to close my eyes in peace,

Then shall I say goodbye with no plea’s!

My lips shall not dry nor my hands tremble,

When I see death standing closer;

As your love would still be fresh in my soul,

                 What could Death do?

So shall I return to my love again,

like a bird to its nest, after it has had a tedious day!

My Life shall be  a success, a happy one too,

for the Love that I sought waited for me deep down in the woods…!!!

The Guy Next Door

The Guy Next Door

The guy next door gazed every morning through the window,

Her smiles etiolated, at the sight of him, for she was afraid of where it could take them;


He gathered his courage, finally one day and made a move to which she responded;

Both were sure, or maybe not, that this would be the first or last…


Soon they met outside the window,

The gaze turned into laughter’s and smiles spread for longer,


There wouldn’t be any place than beside him, she thought to herself,

But till she gathered her courage, she had made it difficult for herself.


The lies came in, to meet this happiness;

She made efforts because, for her, he was worth it every second.


They met as strangers, completely unknown souls;

But now she was jealous to see him look towards the other side of the road!


This guy next door had become an important link to her own soul!


She shied away all the more,

Her thoughts gave her hundreds of clues!


She wasn’t ready to accept,

She was in love with this, extremely indifferent human!


His thoughts would pop-in from nowhere,

She dreamt of a happy life with him, in the islands!


He made her realize,

Real men exited still,

Or maybe, just her imaginations about him were too intense!


She refused to say it though,

Maybe she feared,


Maybe she wanted to hear,

So still she waited a little longer!


The passion with which he held her hand,

It made her confident of the dreams she had;

The sparkle in his eyes, lit up her world,

Like someone just oiled an old rusted chandelier!


Those deep dark eyes, she could lose herself completely into,

Made wise efforts to escape her every-move!


But she wondered to herself,

Did they wish to convey anything?

Or was it just another wave, to the silly girl, with expectations too great?

Or was it a little more, more of what she wanted to hear…


This extremely indifferent guy next door,

Well, Will he ever know;

That someone just loved him a little more…

The Difference…

The Difference…

This Poem is my dedication to all my readers and followers.

I titled it, ‘The Difference’ as it portrays a different outlook, a different perspective of the clouds, or maybe you, or maybe life. Sometimes all it takes, is, to stop looking at your weaker sides and doing what you do best. Sometimes its about that one moment that make you realize that even though you couldn’t be the sun or the moon, as they were too perfect to be, know that you could be the cloud that no one can control, and, one that chooses its own way, writes its own history and bends to nothing but the best!

May this poem be an inspiration to you today, as it came to be for me when I wrote it.

What does the cloud think, when it covers the sun,


What goes on in its heart, when the moon comes beneath its power?

Whatever may it be,

How does it matter;

Do the clouds even bother, to stay longer?

They say the sun cannot be hidden for long,

It’s the driving force of the world above;

I say the clouds choose to do so,

They walk away after they’ve cheered up,

The one’s they’ve loved a little more!

They travel across, they explore;

The creatures of above need to be careful of their roles!

Why underestimate and negative their effect every-now and then?

Clouds just teach us,

That even the strongest carry drawbacks with themselves!

Neither the sun can hide them;

Nor the moon can resist them,

Still both can’t choose to have them!

What if the moon falls for that beautiful curly cloud?

What if the sun wishes to hold on to that cute frown?

The cloud would never be yours,

Cause it’s got a journey of its own;

You could be more powerful than it, still you’ll never win!

The Journey continues and will forever do;

Because even though the cloud had options,

It chose the invisible you!



When do you know its love,

Does the stationary gain momentum;

Or do the violins play the rhythm…?

When the eyes become the story-teller,

And your heart gains all the possible wisdom;

When you think of nothing more than him,

And every hour it’s his face that keeps popping in!

When do you know its love,

When you are all alone and no one’s around,

The thought of his words turns your face too loud,

When even in the crowds his thoughts make way;

Way not so easy, but simply through the space,

And there, a big smile on your face…

As if he whispered, ‘He cared’!

When do you know its love,

When you smell the aroma of him even when he isn’t around,

That strange smell makes you blush,

As if he’s going to be all yours!

But when do you know its love,

Still when you leave a special place, just to get hurt cause it definitely ends that way!

He can’t be yours, because he is someone else’s,

You can’t have him because he never felt the same…

You still don’t care and wait for a text,

For that voice in your head keeps pushing you ahead!

But why me, enquired my brain,

For the first time you made a mistake…!

Never mind, consoled my mind, she learnt a lesson that’s of greater pride!!

But still, when do you know its love,

When you don’t care what the world thinks,

And ignore the warnings of your brain,

Your mind refuses to stand by your side,

Still your heart just whispers…that’s what love is…!

When do you know its love,

Close your eyes and see,

Even when the world moves on, you find yourself to be;

To be stuck in his voice,

Stuck in his face,

In every word that he ever said…in every gesture that he ever made…

Stuck where your journey began…with this unknown being without any prior detail…!

Then you know its love,

Then you know you have fallen,

Even though it’s impossible…still you wouldn’t listen!!

Then you know its love,

Then you know you care,

Your love will be greater than any…because it’s not gaining you any story;

Then you know its love,

When you just want a smile on his face…

No matter, how much you hide for the same!

This is love,

It’s a feeling very special,

Special because its forever,

Forever because it’s true!

Even though we part our ways, still it’s going to be…forever cause it was true…!

When do you know its love…

When it’s all about Me and You!



I have the guts to laugh at myself,

If that makes me immature, I don’t care;

I have the ability to accept my mistakes,

If that makes me weak, I don’t care;

I command my emotions,

If that makes me rude, I don’t care.

I desire to find the real –

If that makes me an escapist, I don’t care;

I understand and differentiate between my needs and wants,

If that makes me have less to show off, I don’t care;

I do not need validation or authentication, I believe in myself,

And if that makes me selfish, I don’t care;

My greatest challenge is me, Loyalty is my key;

If that makes me a narcissist; I don’t care.

Anything I do is from my heart,

If that makes me irrational, I don’t care!

Yes I turn rebellious for the things that doesn’t count to be done on my list,

If that makes me inept; I don’t care.

I possess the confidence, I love myself;

I’m not you, I consider myself the Best;

If that makes me absurd, I don’t care!!

THE REAL ME is someone I want to be, not a reflection of what the world wants to see!

I take the stand for myself, I live in today, what lies in the future,

I don’t care!

‘CHARBAGH’ A Joy to Endure

‘CHARBAGH’ A Joy to Endure

Finding myself standing in the freshness of the air, I could see intellectuals everywhere! With newspapers in few and laptops in the other hands, I felt the atmosphere commanding a certain level of interest.

My eyes witness emotions of a girl annoyed with her boyfriend and of minds gathering knowledge. With another one in the corner, who, having worked hard, smells the delicious delicacy, that probably his mother packed for him with much decency and affection.

As I looked around, this beautifully sculptured, still under construction, architectural wonder, a sweet breeze blew against my face, and though it made my hair look untidy, still it managed to help me smile in a situation that wasn’t very relaxing.

As I struggled to make my hair look tidy again, a man, in his mid-twenty’s maybe, crossed, humming a weird tune, that sounded something like an old Bollywood classic, and a quick corner eye look, as if he was a private detective assigned a mission and I was causing some kind of a serious trouble, and the noise of the construction takes over!

Finding my way out of the noise, that was now beginning to bother me, I made my move towards the other corner, just then I noticed a glass door, no entry anyhow, well I couldn’t see one, with a security guard seated at a distance, busy in his own world, not wanting to be disturbed, and behind him, possibly an entrance, an elevator or maybe the staircase, but not surrounded by much of an audience, only few well dressed handsome council staff. My mysterious mind began to function at an unrealistic pace, where in no time, it came up with all possible thoughts of the superhero movies that had a big castle in my head already!

Wanting to know where that way lead to, I stared at it, thinking that the security guard wasn’t interested his job anyway. Just then, breaking my illusion, he turned his head towards me, knowing that I’ve been staring at him for a while now, I could see his legs move, at the reflex I turned around, like an innocent being, who never knew anything beyond what’s been told, paced towards the marble bench. The bench looked dirty and I motioned to clean it and the dust, which was a little more than what’s usually found on marble bench, rightly targeted my eyes and in no time I had tasted it as well!

Trying to scribble words on my notebook, so that the guard doesn’t get me wrong, I tried to concentrate on what was the need of the hour.

With a thousand situations in my mind castle, I walked out of the place and something caught my eyes that disconnected the main lines!

A beautiful painting hiding behind the falling branches of a grumpy tree. A masterpiece that relaxed my mind of all the mysteries, setting me off on a joyous ride of natural beauty, taking to my heart the joy that promised to endure!